How Update PRL (preferred roaming list)


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Oct 22, 2012
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Trying to solve a reception problem. Swapped first DNA for a new one. Still getting 1x reception in an area where 3g is available.

How do we update the PRL on the DNA phone? All I can find is an update "software" function.
PRL was only for you to roam on towers that Verizon has contracts with, if Verizon had 3G coverage in your area (not extended 3G), then updating the PRL wouldn't do anything. As far as updating is concerned, I believe it's done automatically. You used to do *228 but you can't do that on any LTE Verizon phone.
In fact I was told by a VZ rep at the store not to try to do a PRL up date, it might even mess up your sim if I understood him correctly?