Verizon Confirms Second Android 2.2 Update Coming for Motorola Droid.

I manually installed 2.2 from this site. Its been great and no errors either. But my question is if I will still get OTA the official update? It was suppose to be by the 18 but I havnt received it.I havnt installed adobe flash 10.1,but I'm waiting till it is release in the market.Can someone please help. Moto Droid.
Btw, keep up the good work guys.

If you manually installed the unrooted file then you already have the same version that is currently going OTA and you will not be prompted
I am not sure if i am excited or annoyed

Yeah, I find myself caring less and less and less. All this getting our hopes up over and over and then crushing them over and over is pushing me closer and closer to rooting.

Oh, you've GOT to root. I hate that I waited a month to do mine. I've never looked back. And using the video I did, it walked you through step by step so unless you unplugged something mid install, it's almost idiot proof.

I you wanna try it, I used this one:
How to: Root Android 2.1 and Install Android 2.2 on Motorola DROID | Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog
The 2.2 Update just killed my phone. I elected to take the update this morning and when I did the phone never rebooted. It would hang on the Motorola Logo screen. I called Verizon and they told me I had to take it to a Corporate Verizon Store. Just got back from an 80 mile round trip drive. The verizon store in Houghton MI could not flash the memory and therefore ordered me a new (referbished) phone as a replacement. Not sure what happened. Never unpluged while flashing... Just never came back and I was looking forward to the 2.2 update.... Beware... Anyone else have this problem. Apparently Verizon stores received an update last night about this problem... Be warned that your phone may go to update heaven... Now I wonder If I will get all my apps back on the new phone... Already backed up my SD card...

Let me know if you are in the same boat for your Droid update 2.2.

FIXED... Got a new phone from verizon (overnight).. It was a certified good replacement phone. Comes without battery or battery cover... Swched SD card, battery and cover and then booted. Within 10 minutes it was asking if I wanted the 2.2 system update... With some reluctance I said yes, and it downloaded 2.2... Within 5 munutes it loaded and everything was oK...
In the process of reloading all the items... Purchases are linked to gmail account and they all down loaded again for free...

So far I am happy... Only issue is that the youtube is not playing the video as well as it did on 2.1... Seems to stop and start a lot.
Has some nice new features 5 screens, etc... Back to being a happy droid customer for now...

PS: Tethering works, but verizon pops up and asks If I want to add it for $15 per month with a 5GB limit. Not sure it is worth that for now... I thought it would be free, but not so unless shomeone know something that I don't know...
Can you root a phone that has 2.2 on it...? Or did you need to do it when it was 2.1?
Yes, but at the moment there's a trick to it if you want to install a custom recovery image. The fix is in the works.

About tethering:

(Taken from my 2.2 update install guide that is no longer to be posted.)


Uhm.... Toothbrush? Okay, no. Not so sure about the blender either, but the toaster... Symbian-based toaster announced! | Symbian Blog

Anyway, no. You were told wrong or heard old news. Tethering is supported by FroYo but isn’t mandatory. This update gives you official USB tethering at a cost of (reportedly) $15 a month on top of your data access plan. Wireless/WiFi tethering is not and never will be enabled unless you a) root, or b) Verizon changes its mind. I’m thinking b just ain’t gonna happen, folks, so don’t get your hopes up. However, there are alternatives for USB tethering:

Easy Tether ($11 to buy the full version after a 2-week trial period, last I knew), PDA Net ($30 after a 2-week trial period, last I knew), and Proxoid is free. There are some caveats, though: They all require small programs installed to and running on your PC/laptop/Macintosh as well as custom drivers, but these are all provided by the deveveloper for download and install. Under Vista the driver install for your phone is often slow and painful, and doesn’t always take the first time, but hang in there and it will complete. PDANet supports Bluetooth Dialup Networking if you want to use it wirelessly and know how. Proxoid requires the knowledge and ability to set up proxies inside your internet applications. I tested Proxoid and it works, but it’s a pain in the butt, especially if you need to change the proxies from time to time to make sure it’s still working. I didn’t use PDA Net for anything but USB (and only once at that) because of the ridiculous price and I didn’t have any way to access Bluetooth on my desktop. Easy Tether was my choice because it was cheaper (I was originally planning on bying it) and worked great for the month I used it before I rooted because I needed WiFi tethering and I knew Verizon wasn’t going to put it on the phone..
1st update (Froyo 2.2 a couple of weeks ago. No issues as all.

Yesterday, 2nd update. Installed. Flash 10.1 available in market for download.

I have a droid 1 and have never had any problems.