Upgrade from original droid to Droid X?


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Nov 11, 2009
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I got a Droid 1 where is the red button? Are you talking about thedroid eye on the splash screen?

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I believe he was talking about the red power button found on the Droid X. At least I think it's red...

if not it's the camera button, i know the X has a red button somewhere, lol


Nov 7, 2009
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The red button on the x is the camera. I recently had to give up d1 when it kept randomly calling and texting people on its own, amd doing things like changing the date and putting the phone in spanish. Verizon said the screen went bad.

I have only had the x less than a week and my opinions as follows. Tho like others said, it ultimately comes down to what you want.

I initially was bugged by the hard button keys rather than touch for home, menu etc and found their placement akward. I am right handed. Tho I did figure out their placement is much more intuitive in landscape mode.

I am loving swype. The portrait screen keyboard I dont really care for...too small and I am a woman with small hands. The landscape keyboard is much better and easier for me to use, actually may even like it better than the hard keyboard.

I really havent noticed any measurable performance improvement ie that it does something so so much better or faster than d1.

Sort of annoyed x comes with more junk apps that you cant get rid of.

Love the larger screen and size in general. The d2 even was so much lighter than d1, which at least for me didnt feel right with the small size.

More home screens.


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Dec 13, 2009
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Los Angeles, California
My friend got a Droid II a few months ago. I still have my Droid I. I see no reason to upgrade when we're going to have a slew of 4G Dualcore phones released soon. I'll wait for 4G since 4G is in my area right now (Los Angeles, CA). Definitely looking forward to a Droid X like device (like you are) and was very tempted to get a Droid X. Now just have to wait a few more months.

Yes, I am rooted and I would be seriously bothered by being forced to deal with apps that I can't uninstall on MY device. Lame!


Nov 14, 2009
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I think it is ok to upgrade, but I would not sign a contract with the new phones coming out early 2011.

I would look for a good deal on an X on craigslist or ebay. I had the droid 1 since last November 09, and in early November of this year I was able to buy a 1 month old Droid X for $200 (off craigslist) and then I sold my Droid for $150. No contract to worry about for now until the new phones come out. Now $200 was a great deal, but I would look around and get the best deal that comes up.


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