Update Could Protect Your Device From Bad USB-C Cables


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Oct 6, 2011
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USB-C is the future for data transfer and charging on Android. The only issue so far has been with the overwhelming amount of cables being sold that were not built to the proper specifications. Those cables can fry your device.

The USB IF (USB Implementers Forum), the group that certifies cables for safety, is preparing a new USB Type-C Authentication Specification. The Spec will allow host systems to protect and mitigate risks against non-compliant USB Chargers, and malicious hardware or software attempting to exploit a USB connection. It also allows host systems to confirm authenticity of USB devices or chargers. This all happens seamlessly. The device would be able to check the cable before allowing power to pass through.

With all the risks revolving around junk cables out there this feature is a welcomed addition. The specification could come to current devices through an update, although it isn't likely old cables would work with the new spec.

via arstechnica