Cheap Yet Durable USB Type-C Cables On Sale Through OnePlus


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Oct 6, 2011
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With new technology comes transition pains. USB Type-C is the future, but it will mean that many of our cables and accessories will now be useless. This was the same issue we had when jumping to micro usb. I still have some of the older type cables around the house which are good for nothing, but I have kept for some unknown reason. One of the largest costs that will be incurred when upgrading to a device with USB C will be upgrading all your accessories.

The first thing you will want to grab if you have picked up a Nexus 6P or 5X or a OnePlus 2 is some Type-C cables. I have chargers everywhere. luckily these charges have removable cables so all i will need to replace is the cable itself. I currently have 10+ chargers that will all need new cables once i transition to Type-C. This could cost me a cool $200-300. Luckily OnePlus is selling Type-C cables super cheap. Their cables are pretty well built with a tangle free design making them super durable. You can grab a 3ft cable for $5.49 or a 5ft cable for $6.99. Head to the link below and stock up Asap!

via OnePlus
Luckily the 6P comes with two cables. Anyone ever buy from oneplus?
Nice! so this cable will work with my existing charging bricks, right?
I'll bet it works just fine in a normal USB charger. It looks exactly like this type of thumb drive which works just fine.

Thanks guys for clearing that up. I should had have done more research before commenting.