"Some USB Type-C Are Downright Dangerous" Google engineer takes on subpar USB Type-C cables

Actually, as long as their phones use the same spec as their cables, I don't see how it's that big of a deal. Sure, they don't conform to the official Type-C spec, but if it does no harm to their devices, its not their fault people are buying them for other devices made with different specs...kinda.

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I agree and you are correct in theory. The issue is, there is a very clear spec and all manufacturers should comply with said spec.
If every manufacturer used their own spec and there was an issue with data or charging, you could have a horror show to deal with.
Being an IT guy, I know all too well about specs not being followed. Happens all the time. They start working on a new spec & companies start manufacturing things based on that spec before its finalized. Not good for the consumer, but it happens.

Good thing we have a forum like this to help us keep up on who's doing the right thing.

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That is the burden of being first. We went through it last year with turbo charging and now this year with USB C. I have noticed that Google seems to be the only ones vocal about this as Apple, who uses USB C on their new Mac books, have been silent (either that or we have ignored them). By CES we should begin to see USB C fill out. The company that we are waiting for with this is obviously going to be Samsung. Once we start seeing some of the Galaxy devices adopt USB C we should begin to see accessories level out.
Apple is silent because they couldn't care less. Apple advises all users that they only support Apple Accessories.