usb type c

  1. DroidModderX

    OTG Not Enabled By Default On The OnePlus 3

    If you plug a few USB thumb drives into your OnePlus 3 you would probably just assume that the phone does not support OTG (on the go usb). The device does not support OTG by default. You have to go into settings and enable it by default. This whole situation made for some major confusion over...
  2. DroidModderX

    Update Could Protect Your Device From Bad USB-C Cables

    USB-C is the future for data transfer and charging on Android. The only issue so far has been with the overwhelming amount of cables being sold that were not built to the proper specifications. Those cables can fry your device. The USB IF (USB Implementers Forum), the group that certifies...
  3. DroidModderX

    Will Your New USB C Cable Fry Your Phone?

    USB Type C is quickly becoming the standard in smartphones this year. It has a few benefits including faster data transfer speeds and the ability to plug in your cable both ways. Many accessory manufactures rushed to market with Type-C accessories. Unfortunately they did not build their products...
  4. Jeffrey

    Amazon Bans Sub-Standard USB Type C Cables

    Back in November, I post this article regarding faulty USB C Cables that can potentially fry your device. "Some USB Type-C Are Downright Dangerous" Google engineer takes on subpar USB Type-C cables Today, Amazon announced they have banned the sale of sub-standard USB cables. Amazon stated...