Unofficial Kernel Discussion


Feb 23, 2010
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After seeing and reading a ton of questions about kernels and all of that, I thought we should try and get a sticky going that discusses them. Perhaps we can post our experiences with particular kernels and try and help those who aren't familiar with them in general. Maybe we can have people post what kernel they're currently using (and enjoying) with their Jrummy rom and also post kernels that have been used that didn't work as well with the rom.

For starters:

Rom: Kangerade 5.0.9
Kernel: Chevyno1's 7-slot 1.0 ghz ULV

I've been using Kangerade along side said kernel for some time now and have been pretty pleased with the performance. The only drawback has been some minor heating issues, primarily when either talking on the phone for an extended period and when using a high-memory type app while the phone is charging. Other than that, it's been great.
Yes, it would be nice to have an official kernel thread cuz I'm always curious about the. I'm currently running the frg01b froyo build with the 1ghz p3 kernel but its hard to say how good my battery life is cuz I'm always using the ****ing phone. Lol so I'm lucky to get 7 hours but I guess that's normal. As far as speed goes its pretty satisfactory. Personally I don't see any reason to be clocked more than 1ghz. Besides, I usually keep it underclocked at 800mhz max cuz that seems fast enough for me.
I'm also using chevy's ulv 1.0ghz. I've found my performance to be pretty good and I havent had any overheating issues unless my phone is charging and I'm using navigation.

However I think I was getting better battery life using the same kernel but with bb.04 and cyanogen6 rc1.
I've been running Jrum 5.0.9 sense it came to ROM manager,
using Chevy No1 Ultra low volt 800, 7slot kernel. my thoughts = awesome bang for the "buck".

Runs great for small short term things. (under 30 min constant use) and i'll see temps get to 104F...

If im going to be using it for a while, i just drop max to 550, and play all day with good batt life/performance. and low temps.