Unhappy new customer

Touchdown is now working for me. I unistalled the first one I downloaded and tried one of the other free versions. For some reason there are 3 or so free ones. Synced just fine and I am now sending and recieving emails. This may be the solution I was looking for. I'll keep you updated.

Probably because I have always had a gmail account I have no idea about what the OP is complaining about. One of the reasons I went with Droid was because it smokes Blackberry in everything, and I do mean everything that it does.

I'm not giving credit to blackberry for emails. They have an arrangement with Google to forward mail instantly, but for everyone else there is a wait period. You set your email up to check every 5 minutes with your Droid, it does exactly that.

Well, the good news for the OP is if he isn't able to resolve his issues he can still take his phone back. I do realize that Droid isn't for everybody.
I can not think of anything email wise where the Droid is lacking compared to BB, but I am using touchdown. I had a BB curve for 2 years before this. I just got the ability to view HTML emails on my curve sometime last summer. I open PDFs quite often on my phone to look at drawings. This was painful on the curve to move around a drawing. Nice on the Droid. If I need to look at a link someone sends it works great.