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Jul 18, 2010
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I downloaded the K-9 email app today so that could resolve my wish of deleting emails from the server for 1 of my email accounts. I'm having an issue with notifications and email retrieval. I turned off notifications in the stock app. In K-9, I am receiving no notifications for my default email (a yahoo account). I do see it say in the notification bar that its checking mail on the account, which it takes awhile to do. If I go into that account I see any new emails received are listed in the inbox, however the row is in gray. If I open the email, I then have to press a button to download the email to see the contents. And its really slow to download. Once its downloaded, the email no longer appears gray in the inbox. My other 2 emails (a yahoo and a comcast) that I put into K-9 are not showing this behavior. I receive notifications for all unread emails in those accounts, whether I just received them or not. I have gone back and forth comparing settings between the 3 accounts and I don’t see anything different. Any thoughts?

I thinking about going back to the stock app and living with being unable to delete emails off the server for the comcast account.

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Are both the the Yahoo accounts paid accounts with IMAP and push enabled? Also, check to make sure they are both set up exactly the same in you Yahoo account settings as well as on the phone.

That's all I've got.
No, they are both free yahoo accounts.

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Ok, my account is a free one as well. I've never received notifications for it, but since at least one of your accounts does I'll start playing around to see if I can get mine to work.

If I do I'll be back with what worked.

Drat: Project came up while typing this. Might take me a while to get back to you. I hope someone else can give you better help in the mean time.
Thank you for trying to help, I appreciate it. :)

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I can tell you one thing, the email in a gray row means that it is not downloaded (which of course, you already knew). Unfortunately, I don't know how to force it to download the message.
Ok, just got back from my little trip.

I noticed that my polling frequency kept reseting to never for the account, so I dug around a little more and found out how to keep my polling frequency and get notifications.

Select the account, chose Menu / More / Settings / Folder settings. Make sure that Folder display class, Folder sync class, and Folder push class are are set. My Folder display class was set to 'none'. Once I changed this to 1st Class everything started to work and the polling frequency setting stayed where I set it.

Let me know if this works for you.
Welcome back. :)

That's not the answer for me. Mine has been polling. It just takes forever to actually poll. And then I get no notification of emails received. I have to go into my email to see if there are any new ones. I think its not notifying me because all the new emails are in the gray box to indicate they have not been downloaded. To download each email individually is very slow.

On the comcast account, it now keeps giving me notification over and over of an email I have read and deleted.

My battery also drained faster than usual. I don’t know if its because it seems to hang polling the one account or if its unrelated.

I'm going back to using the stock app. Its creating more issues for me than solutions. I can live with not having the ability to delete emails from the server for the 1 account.

Thank you for the help. :)

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Just curious, have you tried the Yahoo eamil app? I know it's a pain having two places. I used to have k-9 (I like Touchdown much better!), but I had to get the paid Yahoo to get it to work well.
I have not tried the yahoo app yet. I have no issues with the stock app for yahoo, just would have liked to been able to delete emails from server for the comcast. If K9 wasn't giving notices all the time for all unread emails or for emails I read and deleted on the comcast, could have used it just for that account. Although I do prefer 1 app for all 3 accounts.

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The only other thing I can think of is to make sure you are saying no to display images under the Display settings. And to reduce the maximum size of the message downloads.

No idea on the Comcast account. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
No need to be sorry, I really appreciate that you tried to help me. Thank you :) I uninstalled the app.

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