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May 29, 2013
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Hi guys!

I'm just wondering if anyone can help me.

I brought a Galaxy Note 10.1 over the weekend and I set up my work email account to it yesterday (via the email app - not Gmail).

So I can send and receive emails fine but I cannot open email attachments (word/pdf documents). Nor can I open word/pdf documents which I have downloaded from the internet - when I click the document title it tries to download it but nothing comes up on the screen (not even the 'open with' tool).

I have tried to Google the answer and I know I need to download an app to open the attachments - so I've tried a few but none of them seem to be working.

Can anyone recommend an app that will help me fix this issue please?


Amy :)
Hello and welcome..I'm not familiar with that device ..some will be along shortly that is..:)
Welcome aboard Amy!

Have you tried like OfficeSuite to open / view PDFs? If you use a file explorer, you should be able to locate your "downloaded" content and then tap to open and it should ask which app do you want to use to open it...if you are not getting that, are you getting an error message or is the device just not doing anything?
Welcome to Droid Forums!! Let us know about STG's questions and hopefully we can figure it out.