Unable to read Cookie Data?


Nov 3, 2009
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Bought my Droid yesterday. so far it's great. Except for one big item. I work with a web scheduling site. Basically it requires a username and password to log on. The issue is sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t one of 3 things happen once the username and password are entered.:

1. Nothing, I click on the login button and nothing happens. Nothing what so ever.
2. Page begins to load with progress bar getting about 25% complete, then the screen goes blank, meaning all white.
3. I get a message the states, “Unable to Read Cookie Data (106)”

The accompanying message with # 3 says:

1. Verify that you are not using any caching that does not abide by HTTP and HTML standards for cache control. Possible culprits include AOL 5.0 (and newer) browsers and Netboost.
2. Verify that you are trying to link to www._____.net (and not trying to use an IP address)
3. Verify that you are not running any programs that strip cookies.

FYI - I have been using this site with out issue for 2 years on my Blackberry Pearl. My Droid is setup to accept cookies. It is set up just as it came out of the box.

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