Just got an X2, having a few issues PLEASE HELP!!


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Apr 27, 2011
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1. It's not scorching hot like the previous overheating problem apparently was, but the back still gets somewhat warm below the battery compartment. Is this normal?

2. My battery went to 20% then suddenly to 5% and then the phone shut off with no charge. Went I plugged the phone in, it showed 0% charge and suddenly shot up to 40%. What's this about?

3. The touch screen sometimes locks up. I can hit the menu button and things will still appear on the screen but nothing reacts to my physical touch. This happens anywhere whether in messaging, the browswer, the keyboard, reading an email,etc.

The phone is not rooted and I just came over from the iPhone and am not the biggest techie in the world. Any help would be appreciated.