Power issue! Please Help!!


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Dec 11, 2009
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Hey guys,

So I left my phone on overnight and all of the power drained the next morning. When I plug it in to charge it, the Motorola symbol would show and just sit at that screen. After an hour of letting it sit there, when I unplugg the power cable it would still sit at that screen. I removed the battery and reseated it and tried to turn it on without the cable plugged in and it wont power on. But when I plug my power cable back in it would show the Motorola symbol again and just sit there. Anyone have ran into this issue before? I tried x + power button as well and it doesnt do anything. It seems like it will only power on when I have the cable plugged in. I dont know if its the battery being completely dead but when i unplug the power cable, it would still sit at the "M" logo but wont go anywhere else. pleaseeeee help!
Hey, I've got the same phone, just thought this might help (hopefully).

I've had problems charging via USB port on a computer if my phone is mounted to the computer. But once I unmounted, it charged fine.

I also found that if its dead, it doesn't charge via USB port on the computer either, I have to plug into the adapter for a power outlet. When plugged in the computer would just show the "M" symbol and not do anything, but once I plugged in a power outlet, it would start up fine.

You didn't mention if the usb "charging" cable was plugged in the power outlet or a computer, so....hope that helps!