Droid 4 Black screen/ No boot Issue


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Jun 3, 2013
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I took my droid 4 out and the screen froze up then went black. It was still on as I could touch screen and volume buttons and it was responding with sounds.
I have tried the Hold Power and Volume to reset. Did not work.
I left if for about a week. I then tried plugging it in to charge it. I got the screen to come up with the charging screen showing that it was charging so I figured I would let it charge to full took a hour or two using AC wall plug. Once it was fully charged I unplugged it and pressed the power button. I got it to boot to the Red Motorola Symbol and then it black screened. Wont do anything again tried Power Volume to reset everything. So I figured I had a software problem. So I downloaded RSD Lite and it was unable to see device. I then bought I factory cable. RSD lite can now see device. I reflashed it with cdma_maserati_9.8.2O-72_VZW-18_1ff.xml files. Everything went fine according to RSD lite but screen will still not come back on and I cant seem to get it to boot up.

So there is the issue. Throw some things at me to try.