Twitter contact sync?


Sep 10, 2010
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Loving the rom so far, but the twitter contact sync hasn't been working. Worked fine on gummy nex, but haven't been able to get it here. Anyone else having this issue or know what it is? Its the only thing that isn't functioning perfectly.
Just updated to 1.3.3 (I think) and its still not syncing. Still no fix for this? Jaskil and I can't be the only ones having this issue.
I'm also having the issue, but am not convinced it is the rom. Would expect it to be a recent change in the Twitter app that isn't compatible with 4.0.3 or something. The app was last updated on Jan 4, 2012.
I have a Bionic running ICS. My twitter won't sync - the issue started miss January.

This issue is also ongoing on many other Androids belonging to my friends. These Android are all running stock 2.3.

I'd say it's a Twitter issue.