Linked Contacts using Facebook/Twitter Contact name??

Same Issue Here...

Same frustration here too...

This seems like a functional detail that should been dealt with quickly by the app developers. You should have complete control over naming and aliasing.

Any App Developer care to comment?

It still seems that you need the speed of Droid but with the data control and flexibility of Windows Mobile to truly meet my expectations.
A small fix...with hit or miss results

Hey all, I was able to correct some of my linked accounts. I unlinked them and chose the opposite account first. Example: 1st time around, I looked up Google contact and linked to Facebook the name changed to what I didn't want. 2nd time around: I unlinked, chose the Facebook contact 1st, linked to Google, and the name was what I wanted.

This worked for some and not for others..I don't know why.
Yes - same.


I guess that's what we should expect from a feature that's named "Blur"


I encourage you all to go to the Motorola Forums and post on this - I'm going there right now.