Linked Contacts using Facebook/Twitter Contact name??


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Jul 18, 2010
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Hi Team,

After linking my facebook & twitter accounts to my Droid X, the contact names changed to reflect the contacts Facebook or Twitter name. Now i can see how this would happen, but I CANNOT CHANGE THE NAME!!!

I have tried every variation of settings, contacts and even order in which i link the contacts, but nothing works and there seems to be no logic to it, but this is what i discovered so far:
Linked to Google contacts only - Google contact name
Facebook & Google - Facebook name
Twitter & Google - Twitter name
Twitter & Facebook - Random...either twitter or facebook name
Twitter, Facebook & Google - Random...either twitter or facebook name

The crazy part is - I cannot rename the contact what I want unless I unlink the facebook or twitter account. I have tried everything.

Please, someone, anyone, tell me they know how to fix this or that a change is coming that will addres this.
I have this exact issue too, except, I'm not using twitter. I'm new to Android but haven't found a fix yet. This effects manually linking accounts as well as the automatically linking for me.
same problem for me. I hate this. I want to change the name and I can't. Bug or just the way it is? It wasn't like that in Sense
So has anybody taken a trip over to their Gmail page to see what it looks like over there? Gmail is your backup so those same contacts should be in gmail too (I believe). Check out your groups and stuff over there. I don't have mine set up like that, I am sync with twitter but I don't see twitter people in my gmail. Well, I see some with email addresses but not unless they have that or a phone number.
I also have the same exact problem. It is very annoying, and I have no idea how to fix it.
I have the same issue. I am thinking its a bug, I sure hope they fix this issue.
This is the single most infuriating thing and the only gripe I have about this phone. Most of the time it will use the Twitter account as the display name in the contact list. I read elsewhere that editing your contacts directly in Gmail will help this, but your Gmail account doesn't have any of the linked information.

This is driving me absolutely crazy. I've just been leaving contacts unlinked because I can't stand the way it's handled. All I want is an option to pick which of the linked accounts is the default display name for that contact.

I know that it doesn't affect the search function of the contacts, but I still find it annoying.
Same problem here; it seems like Twitter names take precedence when there are Google, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Yes, very annoying and I'd like to be able to list all of my contacts by actual name (and select/specify what name to use).
Same Issue

I have the same issue - it has to be a bug in their software.. It's extremely annoying having to keep the contacts seperated instead of having them all linked under the name I want them to have. Has anyone brought this to motorola's attention?
My girlfriend and I both have this issue with our DroidX's. It gets confusing. The good news is that the search button in Contacts will still find the contact by name, even when the displayed name is not correct.
bumped a similar topic, bumping this one in the hopes that one of the topics catch someone's eye.
Has Motorola even acknowledged this bug? Can anyone see post regarding it, on any other site? I just hope it gets fixed when we get Froyo.
Same problem here. For me, the Twitter name takes precedence over everything else. I love the concept of having all of a contact's accounts linked together, but it doesn't do me much good if I can't choose the display name. It's also irritating for contacts who put something in front of their name on Facebook (like a dash or an apostrophe).