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Jul 21, 2010
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A few contacts I have, have linked facebook accounts. The photos that are being used for these contacts are their profile pics from facebook. I have tried to take a photo of one contact and replace the current photo with the photo taken, but it does not save the photo to the contact unless I unlink the facebook profile.

Any ideas as to keeping the facebook profile linked and changing the contact photo without telling the contact to change their profile pic?

open your contacts> click on the contact you want to change the image > click the menu button (first on the left) and click edit> click on the image> tell it to use existing photo > pick you photo>crop it >save it> and it will override facebooks image.

let me know if this helps.
I just tried your suggestion. After selecting the photo, cropping and saving, the photo appearson the "Edit Contact" screen for the contact. However, after clicking "save" on the same screen and returning to the Contact Info page, the facebook image still overrides my own photo.
When linked FB has always overrode the contact pics...
FB causes a lot of problems with people and their contacts. Well, maybe it's not Facebooks fault but it does seem to be an issues with contacts and the Droid. I'd disconnect FB from the Droid. Then I would disconnect Facebook altogether.:icon_ devil:
On the Droid x , I touch the contact photo and a menu bar opens for me with a dial pap, contact page,email, text,maps and VZN . If I hit the menu bptton on the bottom left, it only opens the keyboard. dancedroid
Anyone else notice that on Android 2.1 the Facebook Contact Pictures would update when the specific contact would change their profile picture and that it does not update now on Android 2.2?