Transmit(Stream) Bluetooth to Droid X2


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Mar 15, 2011
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Hello to the people smarter than me.

Ok maybe the question has been posted before but I don't have the time to look, I'm home for a couple days from the oil patch in ND and need a tech question answered quick.

I am a GPS Dozer operator and what I am trying to do is:
1: I have a CB with an audio output(3.55mm jack) in my dozer that I have to be able to hear.
2: I have custom ear buds for noise cancellation(these were not cheap but well worth it) in my dozer that I wear all day long, kinda loud in there.
3: I have a Droid X2 that I love to listen to because I did some data management for a DJ not too long ago and I acquired about 37 GB of music and in Lignite ND you hit seek on the FM radio and it doesn't stop anywhere.
4: I have an audio mixer designed for motorcycle drivers that can accomodate up to 3 inputs and put it into 1 output all 3.55 mm.

So my current setup I plug the output of my CB into one input on the mixer and my phone into the other input and my earplugs into the output on the mixer, no brainer here, but what I want is to plug my earplugs directly into my X2 and be able to hear calls, texts, and be able to jump out of the cab and talk to other operators and truck drivers without being tethered to the mixer, and still be able to hear the radio, phone, and music, its a 24 mile job lots going on and the "GPS Guy" is pretty important part. I would like to simply plug a Bluetooth transmitter device or dongle as others call it and stream the CB directly to my phone and listen to both the Bluetooth transmission from the CB and my music on my phone(in my ear buds) at the same time, all day. I have 3 12V cigarette lighter plugs available in my dozer and a usb plug thanks to a cheap azs adapter from Walmart.

I have attemped this before with a Blubridge Mini Jack (its the one on the bottom here)and it fails to pair with the X2 so if someone wants it I can sell it to them with a Paypal account just email me [email protected].
In a nutshell I'm looking for is an alternative that will work here to get rid of the mixer and being tethered to the machine, a 3.55mm Bluetooth audio adapter that will pair and stream to the Droid X2 in tandem/while with music playing from the phone. Would something like this work? In the discription it says just like the Blubridge "Then Pair up your AD2P(which X2 is compatable) speakers or headset to the transmitter" but also says "Will pair with all bluetooth devices", so whats the case it has to be a speaker or headset or will it stream to a phone?

Thanks in advance for whatever help you can provide.
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