Connect Droid 1 to my CB??


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Mar 15, 2011
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Short and sweet:reddroid:.
I want to hear my CB Radio on my headphones connected to my Droid, not talk on CB just listen I'll use the mic to talk.

Long Explanation:greendroid:.
To start I'm a heavy equipment opperator in central Minnesota. I was laying in bed the other night and my ears were ringing, why?, my dozer is loud in the cab but i cant wear earplugs because i can't hear my CB radio,my phone, and ya know trucks and other operators, coordination of the job and such. Now I thought to myself, I though self why not use my custom noise canceling earphones and my droid to listen to music all day, hear my phone ring, and have the CB cut in or talk over the music. My first inclination was to use a bluetooth transmitter, connect it to the 3.55 mm out on the back of the CB for an external speaker, connect Droid via bluetooth connection n' Bobs Your Uncle. Not sure of compatibility for obvious reasons, i know the output on cb and bluetooth transmitter will be ok, but will the droid pair with the transmitter will it let me listen to music at the same time, and is there an App to do that? Any suggestions, Links to products that would work to connect Droid and CB, and help in any sense of the word would be great, Thanks in advance.

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