bluetooth headphones only connect halfway


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Jan 9, 2010
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couldnt find any topics that had this exact issue, most either couldnt connect at all or were getting echo, but if i missed a thread with my issue point me there.

im using a a855 droid with the newest sholes install and the motorola rokr s7-hd bluetooth headphones. everything was working great until yesterday i forgot that i had music playing on the headphones while conectrating on something else, i turned on the wifi tether to connect my netbook to the internet, and the music started skipping, i checked meridian and it didnt have the music skipping, so i paused the music and took off the headphones, went about my business.

a few hours later i turn the headphones back on and turn on the music, and i can use the headphones for voice calls, but they will NOT connect as media, and wont play my music, even when theyre paired it still plays music through the speakerphone.

any suggestions on what i did wrong and what to do to fix, ive turned on the wifi tether while listening to music before and never had this happen.


I don't know the answer to what is wrong with the headphones now, but the music was skipping because WiFi tether is using more data and the music was not able to be buffered all the way.