New to planet droid. From central PA. Bluetooth dilemma.

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Sep 28, 2010
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Hello all. New to the droid. Previously had a Blackberry Storm. I love the Droid x, but have one slight problem. I'm a truck driver and use a Cobra 29 bluetooth. The problem isn't with recognizing or pairing, but it will not send the phone voice to the cb. The cb beeps normal when i turn on the bluetooth and the cb rings when the phone does. Also, i have to answer with the button on the cb mic. But, i have to hold the phone to my ear. The blue light stays on while i'm on the phone and goes out and cb beeps at end of call like it should. I had no problem using this device with my storm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Another question. What is the purpose of the star on my emails? Does it save them or what?


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Jan 15, 2010
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South FL
Welcome! Glad you joined us. I have a rooted Droid which I am able to connect to my RX. I'm not sure what may be causing your phone not to work with your CB especially if it pairs.

The Star allows you to sort the emails.

As you can see I'm in Central PA also.