Transfer problems with KitKat LG 7.0 Tablet


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Jun 14, 2010
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I just got an LG G 7.0 Tablet from Verizon. The tablet has Kit Kat as its OS. I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy 4 phone, so I am familiar with the OS but am having trouble transferring a document to the tablet from my computer.

When I connect the tablet to my computer, only one drive shows up titled “internal” storage, which I assume is because I don’t have a micro SD card installed. However, that’s not the problem.

When I connect the tablet to my computer and open “internal storage” (on the computer), there are a number of folders where I could drag and drop documents from my computer.

I’ve put a folder called “1” containing both simple “text” docs as well as “Word 97-2003” documents into the “My Documents” folder on the tablet and the files in that folder show up correctly when (on the tablet) I access:
File Manager/All files/Internal Storage
File Manager/Document

However, I’ve got a different “Word 97-2003” document I want to drag & drop to the tablet and I can’t figure out where to put it so I can access it from the “File Manager” app on the tablet. I’ve put it various folders including my “1” folder but it doesn’t show up when I try and access it from the tablet.

It shows up in any of the folders I put it in when I access it from my computer but doesn’t show up when I try and access it from my tablet.

What folder should I drop this document into?