Problem During Flash Now Cant Open My Tablet


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Jan 28, 2014
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I was using Rockchip Batch Tool to install a rom to my tablet.Everything was good.I pressed switch then restore and it said restore done succesful 1.

According to documentation coming with my tablet it says in the last step is should say "loading firmware" but it didnt.Waited for half an hour but still nothing then i disconnected my tablet from pc.Now it is not responding.When i press power button screen comes to life its still black.

Somewhere else i read that i should connect my tablet in recovery mode and install drivers but my documentation said just power on and plug.I think drivers werent installed properly.

Someone said i can reflash to stock rom.I have stock rom img file but i cant open recovery mode.

So is my tablet dead?What can i do?

edit:My tablet is ainol aurora 2.