The World's Most Expensive Android App – Only $12,500


Dec 15, 2009
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Wish you could call and text people while 30,000+ feet in the air while stuck on an airplane? ASiQ has your solution with a new app being developed caled SafeCell to enable calling and texting all over Bluetooth. ASiQ Limited Australia announced this past Monday the release of the Android version of SafeCell, the world’s most affordable in-flight mobile phone solution for corporate jets.

SafeCell is apatented in-flight mobile phone solution for about $12,500, developed and owned by ASI Entertainment, under license, ASiQ Limited Australia has the exclusive rights to commercialize and develop the SafeCell IP (Internet Protocol) globally.

SafeCell Ensures It Will Be Profitable On Both Sides
You’re probably thinking right now that $12,500 for a mobile phone App is expensive and probably a ridiculous price, well think again. Conventional aircraft mobile phone systems can easily cost $500,000. With such a big cut in the price, I’m starting to wonder why no one thought about this alternative in the beginning. The initial base price is around $12,500 but then you will need an additional $10,000 for a dedicated SafeCell SC-AP (SafeCell Access Point) server system from what I’ve read so far, at that point you’re looking between $23,000 and $26,000. With such a much lower price I’m waiting to see who will be the first to get it because I know any corporation would gladly switch over to save around $450,00.

The Worlds Most Expensive Android App – Only $12,500 |