Tethering after JB update?

So it seems (after loads of research) that this is a known issue.

But it's not an issue so much as a "feature" for our carriers: Jelly Bean allows Carriers to recognize and block tethering. That's why some folks lose tethering, and some don't. The issue is a switch at the carrier's end.

For those of you who know that you are supposed to be able to tether per your agreement, the solution should be as easy as calling your provider and having them enable tethering.

For those (like me) who have been sneaking in the back door and wish to continue to do so, the fix seems to lie in iptables (root required). The simplest I found was entering this in terminal:

su -c "iptables -tnat -A natctrl_nat_POSTROUTING -s -o rmnet0 -j MASQUERADE"

...where "rmnet0" is replaced with the interface specific to your device. Apparently after this, one should be able to tether normally.

(Reference here, see comments 122, 125 & 131)

Unfortunately this didn't work for me, but more than likely because I haven't a clue what I'm dabbling in. I found my "interface" by running "netcfg" in terminal with tethering disabled, and chose qmi0 (the one with a xx.xxx.xx.xx format IP address, the same as shows for the phone when it's successfully online). Does anyone know enough to be able to help me with this?
Just an update to let y'all know I have tethering working now.

Not sure what did it, but after flashing the recent 2nd edition of JB (cdma_maserati_9.8.2O-72_VZW-18-2_1ff.xml), rooting, running the SQLite Editor entitlement check hack and installing WiFi Tether for Root (Generic JB wlan1 profile and netd-ndc(master) setup method), I'm up and tethering like the good old days.

Thanks to all for their efforts!