Switching memory cards?


Dec 6, 2010
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Hi all! Im trying to install a bigger memory card. I copied all the files with the original card, formatted my new card with FAT32, then pasted all the folders into the new card. I found though that my phone randomly freezes and I have to do a battery pull. Thank goodness I didn't wipe the original card! So what is the best way to install the new card?

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I would copy the card contents to the computer, reformat the card using the phone and then copy the contents back to the card.

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I thought of that, but the option to format the card is grayed out and I can't select it.

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The "format" option is grayed out if the card is mounted. Unmount the card first (the menu option just above format) and then the format button should work.
yes, Google123's method is the way to go...

I moved over to a 16G that was previously in my Droid...worked fine by copying contents onto computer, then format card in Pro...move contents to new card in Pro....
Does this work the same for a 32gb card? I thought Id read people saying not to format the 32gb with the phone.
I have had a 16GB card that i have moved from phone to phone for a while now and always reformat it using the phone. Never have a problem. :)

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Tried all steps discussed above and the card is still freezing my phone up. Any ideas?

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If you have a micro sd card reader, connect it with your sd card to your computer....once your computer sees the card, open file explorer and then right click on the drive designated for your card and select "Format"...make sure you choose "Fat" for your file system and" 32 kilobytes" for allocation unit size.

You should be able to then eject the sd card, install in phone, the move your saved files over...

Hope that works...

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