Replace SD Card


Nov 14, 2010
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Major East Coast City
New to Android. I like the phone but am annoyed that the SD Card in only 2GB. I wanted to switch it out for the 16GB in my Storm2, but when I swapped them the menus I am used to seeing disappear (no media folder, no Android). How do I format the 16GB card so it works with the Android file structure?
I did EXACTLY what you are trying to do. I'll just tell you how I did it...

1) Connected my Storm2 to my laptop with Desktop Manager running

2) Opened COMPUTER and found the drive that represents the microSD card on my Storm2

3) RIGHT-clicked on it. Selected FORMAT

4) Unchecked "quick format" and ran the formatting. It took at least 10 min.

5) When it was done, immediately disconnected my Storm2.

6) Stuck 16gb card in Droid Pro. Booted Pro.

7) It worked from there.

Good luck!
New San Disk 16 gb

Bought a 16gb Class 2 Micro for around $23, stuck it in and booted. Works fine.