Please Help: SD Card Install


Nov 14, 2010
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Major East Coast City
I bought a new 16gb SD Card. When I had the original card in it and plugged it onto my Mac I saw a drive that had the Android folders. With that I could drag and drop personal ringtones into the music folder I created. When I stick the new card in I see only a "No Name" drive and it contains only the folder "LOST.DIR".

Can someone tell me how to get the new SD Card to show me the Android menus so I can load my ringtones? Thanks.
The "no name" is your SD card. Try this. Insert the original SD card and copy to your Mac. Unmount and remove. Insert the new SD card and remount then copy the old card to the new card. You may need to reformat the new card but try it without first.

Let us know if this works.

Thank you! I was just thrown that the same folders don't exist. I copied the entire drive to my desktop then recopied onto the blank No Name and the ringtones are being properly found. Now I wish I hadn't spent the $23 to replace a perfectly good card from my Storm2. I guess I now have a good backup card...

Thanks again.
Glad you got it working and yes you have a good backup.