Suddenly Droid x Battery Draining Very Fast


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Nov 21, 2013
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No recent changes, other than the inevitable updates to existing apps, have been made to my Droid X.
The battery used to last about 2 days. This has suddenly decreased to about 6 hours. The battery usage is not showing any app using much battery power.

I tried a second battery, a thick 3500mAh battery and it also runs down WAY to fast. (I charged it up with an external charger before using it.)

There was a similar post from Kmoenck ("Battery draining faster than it used to. ") but he has a different phone and the solution that worked for him is not applicable to my phone.
Meter training was also suggested to him.

3 Questions:
1. Should I try meter training?
2. If so, is the procedure the same for my phone?
3. Anything else I should try?

Thanks for your help!!