Stuck in boot loop

I can get the phone into download mode. I'm downloading a stock Rom and an using Odin right now.
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Okay I restored the phone to stock but I can't enter recovery. I hold home/power/volume up and I see a "recovery booting" text I'm blue in the top left of the screen and then it stays black until I let go of them and then it boots regularly.
Did you resolve it? Apologies I've not hit up forum last few days...what did you flash?

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I can get to stock Rom but I can't flash a custom recovery or Rom. I'd like to use the phone but I can't with a stock Rom.
It is rooted, but odin fails to install a custom recovery and I can't figure out how to install one using the device only
Let me check around

What version are you on ..if you can screenshot about phone with baseband and all

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Well it's stuck on the verizon screen now and won't boot into the Rom.
Edit: I also can't boot into recovery.
Okay. I tried booting into recovery again and I got this. It still stays stuck on the verizon screen.
Hmmm probably the firmware you updating were originally on what base ? 4.4.4?

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