Some UD 3.0.0 News


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Aug 2, 2010
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So UD 3.0.0 is being built from ground up again, just like when Froyo 2.2 was released.

Alot has been changed, so BD scrapped it and started fresh, the ground up build again.

I got an early preview from BD a bit ago, no im not releasing it either ;) But wow is it fast and awesome! Ud menu is there, but not all features yet though, he has added back about 30% only. alot to go.

I would expect an eta shortly for an alpha or beta release but it depends on his plans for new years also.

G apps work, gps is goofy still, but im running it fine currently. And Twitter doesnt work, maybe twitter can stop worrying about there name being to close to another apps name and worry about fixing there app for GB :)

Auto Rotate is still a little messed up but working ok. Few things BD needs to clean up still he says.

What was suppose to release the other night ended up with the g apps crapping out and caused boot looping. Seems fixed but i had a random reboot so were looking into that still.

Again no ETA!! But i would expect it not to long coming up for alphas and betas to drop.

As to why what i have is not being released, the scripts arent added in yet for ud menu and BD wants to get some more built back in before releasing something he isnt happy with to everyone.

And yes, i did ask him about releasing this build but he isnt happy enough with it yet. Maybe on next build he gives me to test i can get an ok to get you guys something sooner than expect ;)

Working Wifi and Gps now also, wifi since original post just forgot to add it in.
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I just hope we don't lose wifi tether or anything like that. One recommendation I have, is to edit the dock so that you need to use the menu to change the drawer. I've accidentally dropped apps over the app drawer a couple of times now and it gets annoying
Well CM7 is out for those wanting gingerbread on the Droid.
Well CM7 is out for those wanting gingerbread on the Droid.

Really? Where? I don't see it on their website. The latest I find there for the Droid is 6.1.2

There's a link inside the thread about Gingerbread in Koush's section. It's CM7 RC1, but there's still a lot not working and it doesn't have many of the typical CM features...but it's there if you want it!
I'm getting a replacement Droid 1 today. This little bit of time before BD releases the Ultimate Droid 3.0.0 will be perfect for me. I should have enough time to root the replacement, run backups, and install 2.5
whats alpha? is that stable?
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Can't wait to get back to the nightlys.....but I'm Rickenbacker out with sorcery rom and its amazing...tell Ud gets his magic complet
Looking forward to another awesome quality product from BD! Keep up the good work. Good looking out on updating us when UD3.0.0 is up to!
My milk has turned to cheese and my cookies are stale and hard... but tha's ok.. cause now I have cheese and crackers... take your time BD we will all be here when it is ready..
Awwwww shucks. Oh well 2.5 has been good to me & I just got the throttle mod to play with :)