Some links to everything you need for a smooth root process... If you need them


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Jan 21, 2010
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I was very nervous since this is a bit more involved than the other phones I've worked with. However it went flawlessly without even a single glitch!

Of course you have to follow instructions and there are a couple files you have to download but it's all there in the instructions.

I don't know what methods everyone is using but this is the way I went.

[SCRIPT] Windows One Click Root Method [3/26/11] - xda-developers

And for those that do not have the Android SDK and the path and all that set up, here is a link to a program that will install everything you need and also set your path for you. It also installs the drivers for the phone. This is real nice for those that are uncomfortable with the ADB stuff.

[Prerequisite to Rooting] Android SDK Installer - v3.0 for Windows - xda-developers

Here is also a link to all the files you will need for the process

Index of /thunderbolt

I paid full price for my phone so I was a bit shaky during the process... LOL... thankfully it was very painless. Before you jump in, read up on the process.
haha. almost bricked my phone twice. Luckily the IRC chatroom has tons of people are willing to help.

Look for those 2 people in IRC chat room, they are insanely expert, Twindragons, UPEngineer

They'll guide u through the whole ADB root process: :)
The process is not for the faint of heart if its your first time. Your knees could be rattling a bit :)
I've never rooted and I'm really nervous to try...

I need to be speaking to someone live I think to try and root. I just don't want anything to go wrong and I end up locking up the phone.