SMS Pro - Doesn't vibrate anymore.

Nov 12, 2011
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Just to give a heads up, vibrating works for everything else except when I get a text message via SMS Pro. I checked the Notification Settings in the app and Vibrate is turned on. So I thought, "Maybe I have to activate Vibrate in the stock messaging app" So I did that aswell. And then I have Vibrate set to "Always" in the phone settings. Yet a text message goes unnoticed because it doesn't vibrate. Any help?
Does it vibrate if you are only using the stock app?
I had this happen to me before on my Droid 2. Despite having everything checked properly it would not work. Try downloading "Audio Manager" from the market and setting it from within there, believe it or not that fixed it for me. It sounds dumb but give it a shot.
I told you its strange. I'm glad it worked though.

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