Phone doesn't vibrate when receiving texts


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Jan 16, 2011
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I'm having trouble with the vibrate mode on my Droid X. When i turn on the vibrate mode from the text messaging settings, it doesn't vibrate. I've tried unchecking and checking the option over and over again but it doesn't work. My phone vibrates when i get a call but that's it. Can anyone help?

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Yes, vibrate mode is set to always but it still doesn't vibrate when i get a text.
You have to be in your text messaging app and go to the messaging settings within the app, as opposed to your general settings. Took me a while to figure that out as well.

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I've tried going into the settings through the actual text window or app. The vibrate mode is checked but it still doesn't vibrate.

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Im having the same problem... It used to vibrate, but doesn't now. Only for phone calls.
My phone is stock, and my phone vibrates for calls and SMS text messages no matter what unless my volume happens to get turned up to the first notch.

However there are some messaging APPs that do not vibrate if you have that app active and not in background mode.
You have to go to setting in messaging not the phone setting. Under notification.
tj1772, not sure who your comment was directed at, but I am aware of where to change the settings.

I was just commenting that there are several of the "instant messaging" APP's that will not vibrate if the APP is active in foreground. They vibrate fine if they are in the background. I have found this on 3 different APP's and it is very aggravating if I leave the APP active and lock my screen I am not aware that I have a new message.
in messages, press menu > Settings > notifcation settings > vibrate > always.