SMS Popup lollipop issue

Nov 6, 2009
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Since the update with Lollipop, I am unable to use SMS Popup.
I have been using SMS Popup to activate Handcent for years now.

When I get a text, SMS Popup shows a popup, but when it does, I lose my home key and Applications button.
It will not let me hit the "reply" on SMS Popup but it will let me "Close" the popup.
The back button on the phone still works. Also I can not access anything in settings.

I have to do a restart to get everything working again.

I have tried turning off application notifications. All this does is kill all notifications.
I have tried turning off handcent notifications as well as other message notifications.
I have completed a factory data reset and re-installed everything.
SMS Popup worked after I got everything installed, but I restarted the phone and the issue came back.

I thought it may be conflicting with another app, but I don't know where to go at this point.

Any help will be appreciated.

Have you contacted the dev to see if this is a known issue with that app under Lollipop? If you can't figure it out, consider switching to ChompSMS, it has the popup functionality built into the app and a feature set very similar to Handcent. I've been using it under Lollipop for a while now and like it a lot.
According to the Play Store SMS popup page, it seems the last update was to support KitKat. Considering your issues right now, it may not be compatible with Lollipop right now.

Also, why are you using two messaging apps? If I recall, Handcent has "Quick reply" boxes, so what's the difference between that and what SMS Popup does? (I only skimmed the description of SMS Popup).

If you're considering a switch, I personally use Textra. I found it to be the fastest and most reliable out of all the texting apps I've tried and I've tried them all. Not once has Textra crashed on me compared to other popular texting apps.
I use Message+ and since the 5.0 update the pop up feature on it doesn't work 25% of the time where it always worked on KK.
Thanks for the replies!

I was using SMSpopup just for it's popup functionality and because you can attach different sounds to each contact.

After the first post, I started looking at when the last update was on SMSpopup and I was surprised.

Right now I am just using Handcent and it's popup, but will look at the others suggested to see if I can apply different sounds per contact like I was doing.
Kind of nice to know who is messaging you before pulling the phone out of the pocket.
Textra, made by the same folks that do ChompSMS also supports popup texts.
You should be able to change the sounds for each person. It's a pretty basic feature now
VERY much a fan of ChompSMS.

Thanks a ton!!!!
yeah, I like it a lot too! I switched over when GoSMS completely gutted their app and took out all of the customization and cool functionality. Only problem I have with Chomp is SMS Delivery Reports don't seem to work very reliably, but I'm not sure if that's a Chomp problem or a carrier issue.