Issues with SMS popup notifications?


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Jan 15, 2011
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Hi everyone. I had a Droid 1&2 and I used Handcent as my SMS app and I used SMS Popup to run notifications(i dont use the popups) b/c I wanted different color LEDs and sounds for different friends, that way I could know who it was without having to access my phone (cant touch it a lot at work). I purchased a Droid Razr over theweekend, and couldnt get SMS Popup to work on it, no LED, no sound to notify. I ended up taking theRazr back for other reasons and got a Droid 4, but Im having the same issue. Of course I have SMS Popup enabled, and Notifications enabled within that, and nothing. When I go back and turn on Handcent notifications they work just fine (although I noticed when I turned on stock messaging notifications they arrived much later). Anyway, just wondering if anybody else out there used SMS Popup and had encountered the same problems or knew of another app to try that allowed for individualized LED/ringtone for contacts (ie not Lightflow or other application notifications). This was a really useful app for me if someone can help much appreciated
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