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Oct 18, 2011
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Anyone else experience a slight lag in operating the phone? a.k.a., like when typing the phone will lag a bit and then catch up? Anyway to fix this? I'm constantly closing my apps in the running Services tab and I'm rooted.
It happens to me every now and then, usually if it's been a couple days since I last turned it off.

When I notice the lag, I turn off the phone for a little while, then boot into recovery and clear my caches. I'll clear out text messages, too, as long as they're just taking up space.

Basically, I use that as my cue to clean house a little.

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I would reboot the phone and then check what apps are running automatically. Some apps run on boot for no reason so I'd uninstall them and find an alternative.

Also go phone settings > language & keyboard > multi-touch keyboard > next word prediction > UNCHECK

and then choose "Clear learned words". Apparently this is a known bug.
I cleared the cache and rebooted multiple times. Same problem is occurring. Any ideas as to how to fix it now?
Are you using the stock keyboard, Swype, something else?

After you reboot, what apps are running that you've installed?
Also noticing a slight lag. I am on stock and not rooted. I play games a lot and listen to music. My boy gba emulator lags I bit but has not ever crashed. If I'm just playing music some times it gets choppy and breaks up. Not distorted but like paused and the un-paused. I'm on 5.7.906 leak also.
and any way to keep stock apps that are not needed from running. I thing that's part of the problem.

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