Sirius/XM Listeners - Lineup Change


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Nov 30, 2009
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N.E. Ohio
Well, I suppose you'd have to be in a cave not to be aware of this but on May 4 Sirius/XM is overhauling their channels so they will all be on the same for both radios. If you turn on your radio and don't have any signal, don't panic just wait for it to load the new info. You can also, if necessary, force a signal from their web site.

This public service message was brought to you by hookbill, who thinks that if you don't subscribe to Sirius XM and live under the idea that Pandora is great, you just don't understand radio.
Bonus!!! The presets in my car changed automatically today. That's cool.
I subscribe to Sirius and I have a Pandora One account. I prefer Pandora.:icon_ banana: I use Sirius for talk radio only.

edit: I was please to see that my presets also changed automagically.:icon_ banana:
I cannot explain in words how horrible this app is. there has been 0 application development from Sirius and at first they didn't even release it on the market due to it's utter lack of quality.

today with the channel lineup many stations are looping again like after hte froyo upgrade & channels which have been changed simply do not work. when i fired up the app this morning it looked like it was updating channels & it took a little while longer to load. i expected this to happen but alas many issues persist. a couple of other friends and i have had nothing but problems ever since the change today so i know it's not just my phone (og droid)

i have uninstalled & will reinstall shortly hoping to wipe out any previous settings, that should have been updated automatically, and get back to listening to the app. i am not confident that this will work but we'll see. :icon_evil:

EDIT: The usual worthlessness of this app & service persists. About 20% of the channels do not work at all. Bravo Sirius.
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