Sirius XM app display question/configuration


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Aug 20, 2010
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Palo Alto, CA
Hello Everyone,

I have a 2013 Accord Sedan Sport which didn't come with a Sirius XM trial, so I'm currently using the app on my phone via bluetooth. I called Honda and was told the factory stereo in the Sport trim does not allow a Sirius XM tuner to be added on in order to view the artist and song title on the factory LCD and use the steering wheel controls since there is no Sirius XM logo listed as a media source. It's a hardware issue, not a software issue.

I also called a few local car stereo shops and was told that if the factory stereo doesn't have an input for a Sirius XM tuner, I'd have to buy a Sirius XM ready stereo and the music info would display on the after market stereo, not the factory LCD.

For now, I'm OK with using my phone app to listen to satellite radio, but the convenience of controlling channels, pause, etc from my steering wheel controller and viewing the music info on my LCD would be so much nicer. I did notice that if I don't launch the Sirius app while my phone connects to my car's bluetooth, the phone's default music player starts. I can view the music info on the LCD and control everything from the steering wheel.

Here's my question...Is it possible to make the Sirius app the default music player in order to view the music info on the LCD and control content from the steering wheel? Maybe move the music player files to a different location and replace them with the Sirius files? Do I need to root to accomplish this?