Display SiriusXM Info on Car LCD screen


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Aug 20, 2010
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Palo Alto, CA
Hello Everyone,

I've been a Sirius subscriber from the beginning and have always had a player in my car. I recently sold my old Accord and got a 2013 version now that it has BT and all the other fancy technology. Since I can stream SiriusXM content via BT from the Android app, I switched to an internet only subscription to save money since I was grandfathered in on my VZ unlimited data plan. I know that Honda and many other car manufacturers who offer SiriusXM have built in players that can display Sirius content info on the LCD screens. What I'm wondering is if the Sirius content I see on my S3 screen can be viewed on my car's LCD screen.

I know that when my phone is connected via BT and I use the S3 music player, the song name, artist, and forward/back/play, stop buttons are displayed on the LCD screen. It seems to be the default when my phone first connects to my car's BT. Does anyone know if the Sirius app can be the default? If yes, how do you go about doing it?