Radio tuner app for SiriusXM ?


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Oct 26, 2010
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Is there an app for my Droid Razr that will let me tune in the frequency being broadcast from my SiriusXM receiver? I had such an app on my old Droid X, before that cell phone died. It worked great for a passenger being able to listen with head phones to SiriusXM radio in the car without the annoying road noise. But, I can't remember the name of the app nor know if it would even work on my Droid Razr, since I understand the Razr doesn't have a built-in FM radio tuner. All of the FM radio apps I've looked at in Playstore are for tuning in commercial radio stations and do not seem to be able to tune in a frequency I specify on my SiriusXM receiver. I don't want the SiriusXM app that requires an additional subscription and involves a lot of streaming that consumes my bandwidth allocation. Please help. If you wish, email me at [email protected] so I won't miss your suggestions.