Shazam Encore problem.


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Jun 16, 2011
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I recently, like 24hrs ago, rooted, z4root, my phone for the first time. Found the angel rom and the b/w angel rom, downloaded it, put it on my phone without any problems. I'm really thrilled and enjoying this new speedy interface. Few questions

I had Shazam Encore on the stock boot file I previously had and it worked fine w/ unlimited tags and all of that good stuff. Now on this new one.. I just found the apk file on my sd card, reinstalled it. And its all of a sudden telling me to register. Is there any work-around? Or did I do something wrong in installing it procedure-wise?

Also looking for any recommendations on applying any other things to my phone for a better exprience??

I found a tool box called "Spare Parts" that I found pretty cool, trying to figure out how to use it and such. Also I found a liberty toolbox on here too.. but when I select any of the stuff such as themeing or something, none of it seems to work.

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