Libetry Toolbox for Libetry 2.0


Sep 3, 2010
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Madison, WI
So now that Liberty 2.0 is out for D2 and with help from 13th Angel (thanks man for all the help and advice) and the availability of Romer v7.0 iwas able to install it and it is up and running on my D2Gdancedroiddancedroid

So the problem is that I do not have toolbox for the liberty setting...:( I had once bought it long time back but due to the issues with the liberty stayed on Fission and deleted everything that had to do anything with the Liberty but now I want it back... No response from the PM i had sent so is there any way to get the toolbox without having to buy it again from the market?

Thanks in advance for any help....

Edit: I got it working found a copy in one of my previous download folders....

Edit 2: i have the old toolbox... how do I get the new one? Or do I have to pay to get the new one...
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