Setup for Yahoo Mail


Nov 30, 2009
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About 3 years ago, before I had any idea something called "Android" would be around 3 years later, I got my first GMail account, I didn't want to completely wipe out my Yahoo account and have my contacts switch over. So, I set up my Yahoo to forward everything to GMail. This has been set this way now for 3 years flawlessly. So, now that I have my Droid, anyone who sends me something to my Yahoo account gets forwarded to my GMail and I get the notifications. What's nice in GMail, when I send messages, I can set it to send as if I was using my Yahoo email address or my GMail address.

Just a thought for a possible workaround.

Wow, can you please explain how I can go about doing this? I have the supposed new and improved yahoo e-mail setup when i log in from my laptop and trying to get anything done is a PIA. heck, I can't even figure out how to edit a contact now. :mad: