Sending and Receiving Multiple Texts Using Non-Stock Messaging


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Jun 23, 2011
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First off, I'm using the Droid X2 with Handscent. I started noticing the multiple messages right off the bat and have gotten incredibly annoyed with this problem. I usually get around 2-3 of the same message about 75% of the time. And my friend has informed me that I send him multiples as well. I tried to fix it by going into the settings of the stock messenger and I turned off "Receive Auto MMS" and all the settings for Notifications, but to no avail.
I've searched all over and no one seems to have a solution to this problem, but many people have experienced it.

As a side note: This is just for sending and receiving messages. Not notifications. I no longer get notifications from the stock messenger.

Thank you so much for the help if anyone can. I'm sure a lot of people will benifit from this fix.