Search Bar Vanishes While Being Used


Aug 28, 2010
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Towson, MD
So I'm having this really odd problem with my Nexus. When I'm typing in either the Google search bar at the top or even in my web browswer address bar, the whole thing disapeers without warning. For example, I was doing a search in the Google search bar and it suddenly went way leaving behind the keyboard which lagged for a few seconds and then vanished. This is my second Nexux and it also did the exact same thing on the previous one. If I do a search in the google webpage inside the browser, it is fine. There seems to be no method to the madness, sometimes it vanishes, sometimes it goes all the way through. It is already bad enough that this thing uses up real estate, I can't even do simple searches in it. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm on stock, locked bootloader.