Screen Protector/Skin Help?


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Sep 26, 2011
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Okay so i want some opinions, I have the zagg invisible shield and its good, but the orange peel and the fact that I cant even turn on swype because i cant run my finger across the screen is killing me. I never noticed invisible shield was that rubbery till i felt my friends naked phone screen which was smooth and glassy. In my local mall they have a Ghost Armor kiosk and i was just wonder what that felt like. The guy pulled out an iphone with it on and wow, i didnt feel an orange peel affect at all and the screen felt so smooth. Zagg does have a good life time warranty though(i replaced it once becasue i had a phone replaced, and they waived the $4 shipping fee and upgraded me from screen coverage to maximum coverage becasue i got ripped off on amazon and only got the screen) So I want to know, How good is Ghost Armor? Hows the feel, smoothness, and look of it? And What is the warranty like? whats the cost? and is it lifetime? Also, Do you have any other recommendations for skins? I want a good screen protector(I guess I dont need full body because i got the otterbox commuter so yeah..) but I dont want to pay an insane price. I heard SGP is good but really? $14 for ONE screen protector? that i might mess up anyway? Oh, and is anyone just not using a screen protector? are you getting any scratches? So please, tell me if ghost armors good or if you have a better skin/screen protector you know about.