Screen not recognizing touch


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Nov 9, 2009
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All of a sudden yesterday my screen would not recognize my touch when attempting to unlock it. I tried everything, cleaning the screen, putting it in the car holder hoping the magnets would do something. I did a battery pull, and eventually did a factory reset.

Now, the factory reset allowed me back into the home screen, however, as soon as the phone locked again, I was unable to unlock it by swiping. I would have to go through the factory reset process again to get back to the home screen. After getting back to the home screen this time, I did several tests to make sure the screen was recognizing my touch. The screen did, except for the half inch or so where the unlocking slide is. I brought up a webpage that I had to scroll up and down on. Sure enough once I hit that spot, the page would stop moving until I got above or below it.

So, has anyone else had this 'Dead Spot' issue? It has pretty much rendered my phone useless, as I can't even answer phone calls.

I'm running 2.0.1 and haven't done any hacks to my phone. I've also uninstalled the last 10 applications that I've downloaded and any folders associated with them. Obviously I did this after a factory reset.

I'll be taking this back tomorrow, hope no one else has this issue.
There was another thread of this recently, i think as early as yesterday even. Seems like you'll have to return your Droid.